Quality & Warranty

General-25 maart 2024

BirdBlocker products are designed to last and therefore comes with a ten year product warranty.

This is where a lot of companies make it exceedingly difficult. We don’t. The practice proves that BirdBlocker is very reliable, so when we receive a reclamation, we want to make it as pleasant as possible. With thousands of installs done every year, less than a dozen get in touch regarding an issue. We want to get into the background of the issue with our customers so we can either assist in solving it, or develop our product if that proves necessary. There can only be three outcomes: A (valuable) teaching moment to develop our product, an additional instruction and/or replacement or an external factor. Usually, we see that our installation instructions will solve the problem for the future.

So why make it complicated if something goes wrong, right? The warranty is there to provide you with the security and reliability that is in the BirdBlocker DNA & quality. Send us a few good pictures if you run into any issue, a good description and we will get in touch with you to find the origin and the solution.


BirdBlocker is the leading product in bird proofing for solar panels. Both in the arctic cold of Scandinavia as well as alpine snow depths, BirdBlocker proves reliable. The material can withstand the elements very well, the clips are extremely sturdy and the system as a whole is proven in these circumstances. Like all residents of these climates know and appreciate, there are exceptions to the rule. A meter of heavy, wet spring snow shifting in a roof avalanche is a challenge for everything and all. No false claims here, this might result in the need for re-attaching parts of the BirdBlocker bird proofing. Be advised that new clips should be used for secure hold at all times. View our information video on this here .

These occurrences are a rarity, however. So be ensured that BirdBlocker is fully frostproof, can resist high snow pressures and is practice-tested, passing with flying colours.

Martens, Squirrels and Seagulls

BirdBlocker is designed to protect solar panels from nesting birds. Typically, pigeons nest under solar panels as well as jackdaws. The remarkable difference in animal behavior throughout the markets BirdBlocker serves, means that problem animals in one area do not always occur in other places - even though the same animals are present. BirdBlocker is designed to be efficient, resilient and foolproof in its intended purpose. We have seen isolated incidents, of animals with no nesting intentions, of a completely different category or size unleashed their destructive tendencies. But even though these animals are very common all over our european market and beyond, the amount of issues are close to none. Like extreme weathers, these incidents are considered a force majeure and therefore excluded from the BirdBlocker warranty. Why BirdBlocker is still very effective for Martens, is described here .


BirdBlocker.shop caters to professional customers. Requests for return are therefore extremely rare. We have optimized our assembly and shipping processes to be fast, reliable and cost efficient. Our logistics processes are not optimized for returns, as these are incidental and they impact the processes. Therefore we do not offer the possibility for returns.

In case you ordered the wrong items, the package is unopened and you wish to exchange them, please contact [email protected] and we will do our best to support you in a satisfactory solution.

To prevent unnecessary costs on both ends, rework or dissatisfactory outcomes of returns, please do not send items back without contacting us first.